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Use our guestbook to leave messages, ask questions, or simply share your grief or experiences with other survivors. You do not have to contribute if you do not want to. You can just read what has been posted online.

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Gill Archer (2016-08-09 17:22:05)

COPS Annual Families Weekend 2016. As a survivor (PC 683 Andrew Ian Archer, Lincolnshire Police who was killed on duty 1992), I would like to pass mine and Mum`s thanks and appreciation to the staff and survivors who made this weekend a truly special event. Lots of tears, but even more smiles and laughs, with friendships forged and memories recounted. Well done and thank you from all survivors.

His Honour Simon Tonking DL (2016-08-01 11:47:44)

It was a great privilege to attend the COPS annual Service of Remembrance at the National Memorial Arboretum yesterday, on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire. The service was most moving and the opportunity to meet and talk with so many Survivors afterwards was humbling, inspiring and truly memorable. With grateful thanks.

Chrissie Batley (2015-10-18 11:49:17)

I have read that officers are being told they cannot wear the thin blue line patch in respect for their fellow officers. If true, this is unacceptable. As a member of the public, if they can`t wear it, I will on their behalf. We need to stand up and show our humanity no matter what creed / culture we are.

Richard DelRossi (2015-10-10 14:03:36)

We can never forget our Survivors and we never will...

Denis Gunn (2015-03-14 09:24:42)

Remembering with love and pride my son PC2239 Richard Gunn, who was killed 11 years ago today, while on duty with Surrey Police. R.I.P. son.

our grandad PC Richard Ellerker nyp (2015-01-30 21:11:20)

30-1-15 an angel lives in heaven above,he watches over us and protects us with his love.that angel is our GRANDAD.we didn`t get to meet you, you died before we were born,but if heaven had a telephone we would call you every day to say how much we miss you and wish you could have stayed.nite nite our darling grandad love n hugs always.Tyler Jai. Anya. Baby jaxon. Max and Millie .Richard and baby Logan. xxxxxxx

Frances Ellerker 30 1 15 (2015-01-30 17:39:02)

Adored husband and father,died on duty 26 12 93.nyp some may forget u as the years pass,but for us the pain and loss lives on every day.not a day starts or ends we don`t miss you.safe in the arms of the Angels till we meet again never to part again.yor loving wife and children Paul Daniel Anna and Jessica love and miss you daddy forever xxxxx

Jon Hassall, chairman Lincolnshire Police Federation (2014-07-20 21:56:19)

I just wanted to say what a privilege it was to represent Lincolnshire Police at the National Memorial Arboretum today. Truly moving and humbling. May the fallen rest in peace and the survivors find the strength to continue.

Cathryn l. Hall (2014-06-30 18:05:40)

Response to Jill Haines`s comments - my name is Cathryn Hall and I am the widow of PC Colin John Hall who suffered a heart attack and died on duty in 1987. I now live with my partner and had my pension revoked in 2001 when we moved in together. I am pleased as punch for the widow`s who benefitted from the changes in 2006, but what about the rest of us? Are we the forgotten?

Mel Johal (2014-06-27 13:10:57)

The grieving will never stop for me. I try to find comfort in living to your ideals and values - helping others, being a good moral person. It is not easy. I wish I had said so much to you. Im sure you would want me to just get on with things. It is difficult to get across to others the need for a charity like this. It is more than about financial support - it is about creating friendships and bonds that have come from sharing a common loss.

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:56:31)


Remembering my elder son, Richard, PC2239 of Surrey Police, on his 40th birthday. R.I.P. son.

GSRMA Kildare North Branch Ireland (2014-06-19 10:56:16)


mongst the dignitaries in attendance it was delightful and pleasing to see present at the Garda Siochana Remembrance Day 2014 at Dublin Castle, the President of the United Kingdom Care of Police Survivors COPS charity Ms Sue Brace MBE who was accompanied by her husband. Very much appreciated. Arthur O Hara Secretary Kildare North Branch Garda Siochana Retired Members Association GSRMA

PC Neil Davies - Dyfed Powys (2014-06-19 10:56:04)


t`s 6 weeks or so until I join 36 other police cyclists to ride the 400 mile coast to coast route across England & Wales with www.bobbyonabike.com to raise funds for COPS. Please visit our FB page & wish us luck. If you would like us to dedicate a ride on one of the 4 days to your loved one, who died whilst doing their duty, please leave us a message and we will carry them in our hearts across the country. Thank you and best wishes to all our colleagues & their families.

Pauline Rodgers (2014-06-19 10:55:53)


In the shadow of our sorrow We find a light With the daw comes hop With the setting sun, a time to heal. Ian, loved and never forgotten. Polly, Dan and Andy xx

Elliott Randerson (2014-06-19 10:55:43)


Thoughts with family, friends and colleagues of Richard Gunn on this the 10th anniversary of our loss. So glad to have crossed paths with Rich well over 30 years ago and honoured to have been a friend.

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:55:32)


It was 10 years ago today that my elder son, PC Richard Gunn, of Surrey Police was killed on duty while responding to an emergency call. Not a day goes by that I don`t think about him. I miss him so much. Rest in peace son. Dad. xxx

Davina Butler (2014-06-19 10:55:15)


Remembering my dad PC Desmond Acreman who died this day 1967 and who has never been forgotten.Now reunited with his wife Diana who loved him very much.

Frances (2014-06-19 10:55:05)


Still loved still missed.Richard beloved husband and father.26 12 93 nyp

Nick Webb (2014-06-19 10:54:54)


Like others on here I knew Richard Gunn. I met Richard some years ago in Chelmsford. Rich was one of the funniest people that I have known. Sadly a friend died and then we lost touch, we both moved and when I finally tracked him down it was too late. R.I.P. Rich, as others have said, you were one in a million.

Gerry Doe (2014-06-19 10:54:43)


I`m not in the Force, just a member of Joe Public, but I just want to say `Thanks` to all those involved in the Police Force, and thinking of all those who have lost their loved ones.. May those who have been taken, Rest in Peace.

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:54:28)


For Richard Vallender, Paul Crawshaw, Mark Fleming, Michelle Carnie, James Stevenson, Elliot Randerson and anybody else who knew PC Richard Gunn. If you ever wish to make contact with me, Denis, Richard`s father, please do not hesitate to do so, through this charity. denis.gunn@ukcops.org Kindest regards, Denis.

Richard Vallender (2014-06-19 10:54:20)


20 years ago this month I met Richard Gunn as we started our degrees at UCL. Bumped into him running late for our first lecture - hit it off straight away! Several of us shared a house together in years 2 and 3 and Rich was always the life and soul of the party. You could rely on him for a laugh and a joke - great times! Sadly missed by all your old Uni-mates, I`m sure... We were actively trying to setup a reunion when he was tragically taken from us, all instigated by him - typical Rich. R.I.P. PC Richard Gunn - one in a million.

Stuart Pear (2014-06-19 10:54:09)


Thinking of you Sophie as always,especially at this special time.xxx

Paul Crawshaw (2014-06-19 10:53:58)


A thought for Richie, my mate Richard Gunn who lost his life whilst on duty in 2004, a short while before he was due to be married. Often think of you mate, and still miss you. Rest in peace.

Pauline Rodgers (2014-06-19 10:53:45)

Your special day, Ian . Thank you for the happy memories. XX

Lesley Jenkins (2014-06-19 10:53:32)


I played with the West Midlands Police Brass Band at the COPS service this morning at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas. I just wanted to say how incredibly brave I thought Nathan Dent was to stand up in front of all those people at such a young age to talk about a truly devestating part of his life. Although he felt unable to continue with his tribute I thought what he wrote was extremely honest and touching and I doubt there was a single person there who wasn`t affected in some way by his grief.

Mark Fleming (2014-06-19 10:53:21)


Thinking of you, Gunny, even after all this time. You were a good friend, a great crewmate and a wonderful copper, with a magic sense of humour and a sharp wit. You will always live on in the hearts of those who knew you. Rest in Peace my friend.

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:53:07)


Remembering my son, PC 2239 Richard Gunn, Surrey Police, on his birthday. Missing you so much.

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:52:58)


Remembering PC Richard Gunn - Surrey Police - 7th June 1974 to 14th March 2004 - Rest in peace son.

Michelle Carnie (2014-06-19 10:52:50)


Thinking of members of our police family who are no longer with us especially Richard Gunn who died in 2004. Still think of you and wish you were here with us. I miss you xx

Wendy Brookes (2014-06-19 10:52:37)


Another brave officer - died trying to help others. Rest in peace Andrew Bramma. God bless x

Stuart Pear (2014-06-19 10:52:24)


A small gift in the name of my daughter, a serving officer who I think of especially at this time of year.

Bryn Hughes (2014-06-19 10:52:13)


Just to say thank for for all the messages & offers of support since I lost my daughter Nicola. Early days yet but i`m sure we`ll get there day by day.

Stuart Pear (2014-06-19 10:51:57)


As a father who has a serving officer,daughter, the tragic loss of young lives is a nightmare, but I am very proud of my little girl, as i am sure the family`s of Fiona and Nicola are.

Ian Austin (2014-06-19 10:51:42)


Ex Hants and NZ Police officer. Even on the other side of the world and after being out of the job for a few years it still hurts to hear of this tragedy. RIP girls, many condolences to family and friends.

Wendy Brookes (2014-06-19 10:51:25)


Killed for no reason, doing the job they loved. RIP Fiona and Nicola. My deepest and hearfelt sympathies to family, friends and colleagues of two very brave young ladies.

Moya M Griffiths (2014-06-19 10:51:12)

Such a very tragic loss of two very brave Police Officers. Could this have been avoided...most definitely yes if this monster had not been out on bail in the first place! As a mark of respect questions so need to be answered! R.I.P. Fiona & Nicola...thoughts with family, friends and colleagues

David Reid (2014-06-19 10:50:58)


My heart goes out to the families of the 2 angels who lost their lives in the line of duty. I know what it is like to lose a loved one to Murder. RIP PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes.

Geoff Giles (2014-06-19 10:50:46)


Heart felt regards and prayers for the families/friends and colleagues of these two brave officers. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!

Jacqueline Hall (2014-06-19 10:50:35)


Genuine heartfelt sympathy sent to the families if the Officers who were killed today doing a job that not many would do. I am so sorry that you have to suffer like this in the line of duty. Please be sure that many of the public are with you and all you do. Sympathies to family & colleagues of the brave officers killed. This should never happen!

Margaret Bates (2014-06-19 10:49:20)

My heart goes out to the family and friends of these two young women i am the mother of a murder victim and i live on ashworth lane near abbey gardens R.I.P.

MAMAA Team (2014-06-19 10:49:04)


Heartfelt sympathy to the families of two brave WPC`s killed in the line of duty. Our utmost respect

Kate Whaley (2014-06-19 10:48:53)


Deepest, deepest sympathy to families friends and colleagues of two brave young women.

Lyn Costello (2014-06-19 10:48:42)


Another 2 police officers killed in the line of duty.Will the police now riot and scream for the bad guys to be hung drawn and quatered .no as always they will be dignified.thinking of the families and if we can help in any way.www. mamaa.org

kilo362 (2014-06-19 10:48:24)


Sad news about PC Dibell, yet another officer loses his life running towards danger to protect others. RIP

Steve Biggs (2014-06-19 10:48:13)


Sad loss for PC Ian DIBELL and family. In our thoughts and prayers

Stripeyandy (2014-06-19 10:48:00)


Very sad to hear of yet another colleague who has faced danger and made the ultimate sacrifice for those he was employed to serve.

Lawrence Wright (2014-06-19 10:47:49)


I went to the COPS Memorial Day Service at the National Aboreetum on 10th June on behald of NARPO. I was very moved by the experience and especially by the brave wives who told of their great loss. I shall do all I can as a member of the NEC of NARPO to promote COPS - it is something all Police Officers should know about.

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:47:38)


Remembering PC Richard Gunn on his 38th birthday. Rick, I recently met some of your colleagues and heard more wonderful stories about you and I was told again and again that you were “a good copper” and “a top bloke”. I already knew the latter for you were a wonderful son of whom I shall always be very proud. I miss you so much and think of you every day. Rest in peace son. Love, Dad.

James Stevenson (2014-06-19 10:47:27)

I knew two names on this wall, PC Richard GUNN Surrey police, who was not only a colleague but also a friend, he was one of the few who could make me cry with laughter, sorely missed. As they say gone but never forgotten even to this day. The world is poorer without him, but I feel I am richer for having known him so well. Miss ya Gunny. I also knew PC Stacey PYKE all but briefly, all a sad loss to this world. God bless you both. Jim Stevenson X

Eliott Randerson (2014-06-19 10:47:14)


Remembering PC Richard Gunn of Surrey Police. Think of you often Rich, but especially today. You are the best of us, old friend. E

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:47:04)


Remembering with much love, pride and many happy memories, PC Richard Gunn of Surrey Police. 7th June 1974 - 14th March 2004. I miss you so much son but you are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart. Dad.

Wendy Brookes (2014-06-19 10:46:56)


PC David Rathband - thank you for your bravery and charity work. May God soothe your troubled soul. Rest in peace.

Elaine Grimes (2014-06-19 10:46:45)


To leave a thought for our Father, Richard Grimes who died on the 9th of Dec 2010. He had served for 26 years, in Strathclyde Police, where he was seriously assaulted on duty, which left him seriously injured. He sadly passed away at aged 76. Survived by his 4 loving children, son and daughter in law and a much loved Grandchild. For a man who will be much missed by all, even those he arrested... -A fair Cop..-

Stuart Pear (2014-06-19 10:46:34)


Thinking every day about my special girl, PC Sophie Pear who I have so little contact with these days. God bless and keep safe especially at Christmas.Love Dad

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:46:23)

Remembering my wonderful son PC Richard Gunn of Surrey Police on his birthday. God bless you Rick.  Dad.

Caron Lucas (2014-06-19 10:46:11)


In memory of Phillip Sanderson on your birthday love and miss you xxxxxx

Eirene Hunter (2014-06-19 10:45:55)


Pleased I met Enid Morton and found out about COPS.

George Knight (2014-06-19 10:45:41)


A poem to remember. There comes a time when I will be back to your cherished arms. As you have done for me, so many times There comes a time when we have to let go, the ones we love. But never in our loving hearts. There comes a time when we think back of the brave things that you have gone through and the love that you have given to us. There will be a time when we will meet again. Then l will be back in your cherished arms once again. For all the families that have lost a loved one in the line of duty may they rest in peace.

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:45:29)

In memory of PC Richard Gunn of Surrey Police, Target Patrol Team. 7th June 1974 - 14th March 2004. Much missed but always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Denis and Carol.

Helena Richmond (2014-06-19 10:45:14)


I served in the North Yorkshire Police Special Constabulary and I would like to remember SC Glen Goodman who was killed by the IRA at Tadcaster North Yorkshire, my husband was a serving PC. He was on nights when Glen was killed and PC Kelly was injured, he can still hear Sandy Kelly shouting for help over the radio. I`d also like to thank Michael Winner for coming to the unvailing of Glen memorial, I know it`s very close to his heart.

Sue Pyke (2014-06-19 10:44:57)


PC Stacey Pyke 15.1.07 Remembering my beautiful daughter today 4 years since she died and I miss her more every day but with great pride for becoming part of the police family. Love you millions Stace x x x

Steve Curran (2014-06-19 10:44:46)


I am remembering Jim McNulty. What a character he was. I became friendly with him in the original discussion forum years ago. He was a source of friendly advice to me even though we never met. An amazing man, an amazing legacy.

PC Richard Crook (2014-06-19 10:44:36)

I am a serving Police Officer and a Blue Knight member I attended my first Survivors service on the 25th July. I can trully say I was touched by the work that is done by all those involved in the charity Cops may I send my heart felt feelings to all those who have lost loved ones in the Police Service I will continue to support this very beautiful event and also remember those officers who gave their lifes to protect others

Jill Haines (2014-06-19 10:44:23)

I am the widow of PC Anthony Haines who tragically died whilst on duty in 2001. Can someone please tell me why if I co-habit with someone who does support me in any way I lose My late husband`s penson? It seems very undemocratic that I have to spend the rest of my life alone whilst another unfortuante widow who has lost their spouse after 2006 can find solace with the companionship of another and keep their spouse`s pension. I was 39 years old when my husband died and even though I have good friends and family I am still alone.Does anybody else feel like this?

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:44:08)


Remembering my son, PC Richard Gunn of Surrey Police, on his 36th birthday. Rick, you can’t begin to imagine how much I miss you, more and more and more as the years go by. I am so very proud of you. You’ll always be my hero and I’ll love you forever. God bless you, son. Dad.

Ian Dixon (2014-06-19 10:43:59)


Thank you for supporting `those who also serve` , as an ex cop I valued the support of my family and saw the devestation in those who were suddenly bereft

Steph Bradley (2014-06-19 10:43:44)


n memory of Ryan Hunt who was killed in Doncaster on 25th May 2006. Miss you Rye.. Love Steph xx

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:43:32)


In loving memory of Surrey Police Constable 2239, Richard Patrick Gunn, 7th June 1974 – 14th March 2004. Always in my thoughts, forever in my heart. God bless you son. May you rest in peace. Love, Dad.

Suzanne Roberts (2014-06-19 10:43:20)


I have just made a donation to COPS in memory of my late husband, Christopher Roberts, who died on duty on 26/12/07. My children and I attended their weekend in Leatherhead and it was rewarding for them and for me. We have all opted to attend the Childrens Weekend this year, thanks to COPS. COPS are there for you whenever you need them, but also understand sometimes you need your space to come to terms with whats happened. All I can say is a big thank you to every individual who helps to maintain this charity, because without your personal experiences, families like myself and others would not be able to relate our emotions and worries so easily. Many thanks, Suzanne, Hannah and Peter Roberts.

Terry Wilkins (2014-06-19 10:43:08)

As a County Councillor, I hope I can create more awareness to this excellent Charity to more Police Officers in Cornwall.

Marco Vinicius Ferreira (2014-06-19 10:42:56)


Hello to all of our huge planet police I am one of the police so that the target retirement dream and I am so close to my dream. Dream... Actually I have been in my time to retire, but unfortunately here in my state of São Paulo, In my country…Brazil in my State Police not easily loose their polices officers, even taking them right to their regular retirement. In my case I retire with thirty 30 years of work and I am 34 years of good service as a researcher Police Detective First Class and i believe i will have to wait another 12 months. Well that is not the case and not the reason for my letter. The fact is that I only encountered by chance in this most rewarding and excellent site for police matters. Here in Brazil we have a lot of sites of police and I like it I am not different ... I am not seeing and learning from you guys who write this site. Congratulations to all of you for the wonderful work you do around the country. I say for me and I will continue to consult this site and would certainly love to support you in any way that I can help and if you need something beyond sea ... just contact me. Marco Vinicius Ferreira Police Detective Investigator First Class Badge 6125 Well done to all of you.

John M Moran (2014-06-19 10:42:44)


I attended the Police Week in Washington this year for the first, but not the last. The high profile of Cops UK, and the posting of photos of UK fallen Police Officers on the memorial, made me very proud to be a `bobbie`. Thank you for all your hard work, thank you in particular for honouring the 3 fallen Met colleagues from this year, see you again next May in Washington.

Mary Cocke (2014-06-19 10:42:30)


Stu you did an excellent job on the photos of litchfield this year i hope to make soon

Martyn Sanderson (2014-06-19 10:42:11)


What a wonderful weekend in lichfield, thankyou everyone involved in making us so welcome. martyn and maria sanderson.

Niki Dent (2014-06-19 10:41:53)


This site is really nice. RIP to my husband who was killedin a hit-and-run on 22/04/09 . RIP PC Chris Dent

Cpl. Sean Wm. Kille (2014-06-19 10:41:39)


It was nice to see all of the representatives from the UK at our `Police Week` in Washington DC this past week. Thank you all so much for your support and please know that the sacrifices of your officers and their families are appreciated by your extended family here in the States. Stay safe!

Caron & Mark (2014-06-19 10:41:25)


Thanks for the great siblings weekend well done Sue Brace you did a fantastic job we all enjoyed ourselves especially the wine tasting mr shiraz had a ball look forward to another one!

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:41:11)


In memory of my elder son, PC Richard Gunn of Surrey Police, who was killed on duty 5 years ago today. I miss you every day Rick but you are forever in my heart and thoughts. Life is so hard without you. God bless you son. May you rest in peace. All my love, Dad.

l.m.taylor (2014-06-19 10:40:46)


Well done to all at cops for supporting my sister and her 3 children when her husband and childrens dad was killed in the line of duty , they tell me that the support since that tragic day on 15.8.02 has helped them in comming to terms with there loss. the time spent at venues they have attended has given them lots of friendships and support from others who know how it feels to have lost someone.

Jim Gardiner (2014-06-19 10:40:27)


Friends, It was great to see so many of you at the Blue Knights Burns Supper at Leicester HQ and I`m pleased everyone enjoyed themslves. My heartfelt best wishes to you all. Jim Gardiner President Blue Knights England III

PAFFA (2014-06-19 10:40:13)


Just a few words to say `well done` to a worthwhile cause.

Gary Scott (2014-06-19 10:39:59)


Having retired from the police just over 12 months ago it was just by accident that I came across this most rewarding and excellent web site. Congratulations to you all for the wonderfull work you are doing. The police force is a big family and it`s good to know that an organisation like yours is there at a time when support from family memebers can be such a comfort. I will continue to view this site and would certainly love to support it in any way that I can. Well done to you all.

Neil Thallon (2014-06-19 10:39:47)


What a great organisation. Its brilliant to know that the family of officers who are killed in the line of duty are being thought of and looked after. A great charity that I certainly would love to support

Derek Riley (2014-06-19 10:39:31)


Words are not enough for the work put in and the time selflessly given. Many Thanks for all your work in caring for the families. I pray my family dont need your help whilst i serve.

Kate Hunt (2014-06-19 10:39:19)


What a brilliant new site. Lichfield was fantastic, the love and friendship there was so comforting, I dont know how Christine can improve on this now. xx

Helen Alchorn (2014-06-19 10:39:07)


Hi im the neice of Berin Underwood killed in 2002 and i came to lichfield for the first time this year and i would just like to say thank u and how much i enjoyed my self even tho there were sad times. thank u to all the police Rob .A., Lee, Garry, Rob, Doc, jo, John your all wounderful and hope to see u next year take care xhelenxalchornx

PC2721 Kate Parker (2014-06-19 10:38:48)


Thinking of William and George`s daddy, my husband PC2452 Andy Parker. He would be so grateful for the love and support we have received from COPS xx

Tony (2014-06-19 10:38:08)


Thanks for all the excellent work

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:37:55)


n loving memory of my elder son, Richard Patrick Gunn, Surrey Police Officer 2239, who was killed on duty 4 years ago today, aged 29. God bless you Rick. You are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart. May you rest in eternal peace. All my love, Dad.

Shee (2014-06-19 10:37:37)

To loose someone you love is so hard to cope with. i know i lost a daughter to a hit and run driver who was never found. You have given your loved one in their line of duty my heart and best wishes go to each and every one of you. It is said time heals but i feel the scar stays forever . I want to say thank you for giving your loved one. i am not sure that is the right thing to say. but i hope you understand what i mean.

Ellen Logan (2014-06-19 10:30:58)

My husband Colin MacDuff died on duty in 1973. At that time there was very little support for the survivors. I have just learned about COPS from Christine Fulton through reading about the Pension Rights Campaign. I am pleased that there is now support for new survivors as after the loss of a loved one under these circumstances life can be a very lonely place. Only by sharing can we find comfort with one another.

Denis Gunn (2014-06-19 10:25:36)

Remembering with much pride and many, many happy memories my elder son Richard Gunn of Surrey Police, on his 34th birthday. Missing you so much Rick. Love, Dad.

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